#T5W: Favorite Spooky Settings

Welcome back to #T5W!

Top Five Wednesday is a book meme that Lainey started and I discovered through the lovely Samantha‘s videos. I absolutely loved the idea of joining the group and making my own lists. If you’re interested you can join the goodreads group to get the topics for each week.

Today’s topic obviously goes hand in hand with Halloween, which is a huge thing in the US and other countries. Where I am we don’t really celebrate it. Well, some people do because, let’s be honest, sometimes any excuse is good for partying. But it’s definitely not a big tradition and we definitely don’t spend the whole month of October preparing for it. 🎃

Regardless, I didn’t want to miss out on this T5W, and I do have some creepy settings in mind. I’m not a huge fan of reading things that creep me out because I know I will have nightmares, so most of these settings are not from specific books I’ve read.

  1. Graveyards: in real life I really love graveyards. With daylight. I don’t know, I find them so peaceful and quiet. But in books and movies, people usually enter graveyards at night and…well, spooky things happen. The last graveyard I read about in a book was in The Raven Boys, but I admit I didn’t find it too scary.
  2. Creepy forest: I think this comes more from horror movies (The Blair Witch Project anyone?) than from books, but a creepy forest is one of the most terrifying settings I could think of. 🌳
  3. Haunted house: I don’t believe in ghosts or anything supernatural, but a good book/movie has the power to let you forget your beliefs and really think that yes, there’s a ghost in there! The last series I read that had kind of a haunted house theme was Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender.
  4. Military dictatorship: okay bear with me. This is probably more scary than spooky, but it’s really something that I had to include here. If there’s a military government/state/thing, obviously something has gone very wrong, either in that country or in the whole world. One of the scariest things about this scenario for me is the presence of a curfew. I don’t really know why, but I find the idea of a curfew really creepy. It’s not that you’re not allowed to go outside at a certain time, but it’s the why. Brrr. I’m getting scared just by writing this.
  5. Alien invasion: I know this is more an event than a setting, but what I really mean is the setting of a post-alien invasion world, which is one of the things that scare me the most. Aliens to me are scary in a very matter-of-factly way, because despite us not having found any yet, there’s no way we’re the only planet with life in it. They’re not necessarily the green-skinned monsters you might have seen in movies: they might only be as tiny as bacteria, and the chances our civilizations will never meet are high, but the whole scenario of that potentially happening has me spooked out like nothing else does. 👽

What are your favorite spooky settings?



6 thoughts on “#T5W: Favorite Spooky Settings

  1. Great settings! My mind was obviously completely closed off when I tried to do this topic, because your list is perfect for what I think of as idea of spooky/creepy settings! 😛 Military dictatorship is the worst in my opinion, it feels too possible.

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    1. Ahah thank you! I tried to write my list before reading other people’s ones because I knew I wouldn’t be able to think about it without being influenced by them 😛
      Yeah, military scares the hell out of me! Especially since we’re not really used to seeing guns and weapons in Italy, or to seeing them as “normal” (like it might be in the US), so that scenario is just too much for me! 😖


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