25 Bookish Facts About Me

I saw this tag on a couple of blogs and BookTube videos and I thought I’d join in on the fun! Also it seems like a good way for you to get to know me a bit better. I couldn’t really find who the creator of this tag is, so if you know please let me know in the comments so I can edit this post and link to them.
Here we go:

  1. I can never read more than one book at the time. Really, I don’t know how people can have multiple books on their “Currently reading” shelf without actually only choosing one to read to the end and DNF-ing the other ones.
  2. I mostly read e-books. I plan to get all my favorite series in a physical format later on, but for now the only physical books I read are ones that we already have at home or that I might borrow from friends.
  3. I forget plots so easily it’s ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if I loved the book or I hated it, I’ll forget most details very, very soon. I mean, I obviously remember the idea of the book, but whenever I see someone remembering very specific details about books they’ve read years ago I have to wonder if there’s something wrong with me. However, I never forget the general atmosphere of a book/movie/videogame or my emotional response to it.
  4. I tend to read names of characters/places “the Italian way” unless I know the correct pronunciation.
  5. I love reading big chunks of a book. I’m not really one to read two chapters and then move on do something else, because I know that if I do that I’ll enjoy a book much less. I really need to be completely inside a book, and that means reading at least 1-2 hours without interruptions. That might be difficult sometimes when life gets busy, because usually I’d rather postpone reading than read only a little bit knowing I’ll have to do other things soon.
  6. I spent one summer (I must have been 14 or 15) only reading Harry Potter books 1 to 5 (all the ones that were out and translated at that time). Whenever I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix I would go right back to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and marathon the series again. Summer breaks are 3 months long here in Italy, so I don’t even know how many times I must have read those five books. Too many.
  7. Speaking of Harry Potter, I’ve still never read it English, so often I see names of creatures or items from the series online and I have to google what they are in Italian because, well, I only know the Italian names for them.
  8. My current favorite genre is fantasy, specifically high-fantasy. That might still change in the future, and sometimes I do get a bit fed up of fantasy (something easily fixed by reading the occasional contemporary novel), but so far I’m really enjoying this trend.
  9. I’m such a mood reader. That’s why I don’t join reading challenges or book clubs. If I don’t feel like reading that specific book at that specific time, there’s no way I’ll enjoy it.
  10. I don’t have a problem lending my books if I trust the person, but since I mostly read e-books, that’s not something I can really do. However, I now own two Kindles, so I’m considering lending the older one to my best friend so he can read a selection of my books I made for him.
  11. I’ve never listened to a full audiobook (I’ve only listened to two chapters of Empire of Storms, chapters 17 and 18…if you’ve read the book you know what I’m talking about).
  12. There are a few very specific things that are like plus points if I’m reading a fantasy set in a different world. For example, I love when characters from different places within that fictional world have different accents/languages and those accents are described. It is just a really realistic thing to mention and I actually get annoyed whenever there’s a big world map and different characters talk and there’s never any mention of how they sound.
  13. My favorite places to read are on the couch or at the beach. I cannot read in a car or bus because I get motion sickness, but I really enjoy reading on trains or planes.
  14. Everyone in my immediate family is a reader, regardless of their degree of education.
  15. I only started reading fanfictions this year, and even now I don’t really read many. The first ones I read were about Captive Prince and since then I’ve also read a couple of #Pynch and #Wesper ones. Also, I recently started writing my own Captive Prince fanfic and I’m loving it.
  16. Sometimes it feels like I like secondary characters more than main characters. I usually take this as a sign that the author is doing a great job.
  17. If I like a series, I need to marathon it. Sometimes I don’t buy/start a book that I want to read because I know that the last book in a series is coming out soon, I’d rather wait a couple of weeks/months and then read the whole series back to back.
  18. Ironically, one of the worst presents I received in my life was a book. Not only is it the second one in a series I haven’t read, it was also a “recycled present” and inside was a pen-written dedication to the person that gave it to me. Like, this person didn’t even bother to open the book that was gifted to them and just gave it to me for my birthday. I don’t mind getting used books but at least be honest about it. Instead they made it look like it was a thought-out gift when it was all but that. I’m still pissed off about it if you can’t tell.
  19. One book was actually dedicated to me! My grandpa wrote a few books about pedagogy, and one of his books was written while I was in elementary school and many of the things he wrote about in it were taken from my experiences with my teachers at the time. So he wrote his dedication to me: “To Silvia, affectionate granddaughter and heroic schoolchild” (this is obviously a translation and it makes more sense in Italian, forgive me but I suck at translating).
  20. I enjoy reading series the most, and I read the standalones on my TBR mostly between two series, especially if the one I’ve just read stole my heart and I feel book-hungover.
  21. For the past three years I’ve mostly read books in English, but I also read in Italian (obviously) and German. Whenever I read something I try to read it in its original language, so even if sometimes I find better deals for Italian translations of books, I still buy them in English because I think the reading experience is better that way.
  22. I still didn’t read any graphic novel. Actually, that’s not true, but I haven’t read any lately. I used to read a lot of Asterix comics when I was little, and probably something else too that I can’t remember. But I’d love to read some more adult ones. I have a few on my TBR (Death Note, Saga,…) but I still didn’t get to them.
  23. I need quiet when I read, especially if the people around me are speaking Italian and I’m reading in English (or German). My brain just can’t!
  24. Popular books I haven’t read include: The Little Prince, The Hunger GamesTwilight, Divergent, and many more.
  25. I generally don’t listen to music while I read, However, I recently started to listen to book playlists if the author creates them, and I find they really add to the atmosphere of a book, but I just can’t be bothered to choose my own music because I don’t know if it will fit the book or not. The most recent playlist I listened to is Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows playlist and I’m obsessed with it. I found so many great songs/bands that I wouldn’t have otherwise and it just made my whole Six of Crows duology experience so much more enjoyable (as if the books themselves weren’t enough!)

Consider yourselves tagged if you haven’t done this already!

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