Review: L’amore di Audrey (Audrey’s Love) by Alessia Esse

It’s no secret that I’m Italian and that means that sometimes I happen to read books in my mother tongue. Duh. The problem comes when I want to actually review them because my blog is in English. I’ll leave here my Italian review in case some of you can/want to read that.



(Actual rating 4,5 stars but I have no idea how to do that graphically oops)

I received an advanced copy of this book by the author but that didn’t influcence my opinion.

I rarely read contemporary books, but I’ll read anything that Alessia Esse comes out with, thank you very much. I loved her dystopian series La trilogia di Lilac and I’d probably read her shopping list if she publishes it.
The thing about L’amore di Audrey, but about any of her books really, is that they teach you something. Does it matter that you’re an adult and you probably know those things? No. Because sometimes knowing things is different than really knowing them, and a book might be what helps you with that. You let the book speak to you because you know the book is not there to speak to you. You know it’s not judging you, and it’s easier for you to let its words sink in and do their job of opening your eyes.
This is what I feel all of Alessia’s books (but especially this one) do.

Furthermore, this is, in a way, a book about books. The protagonist, Audrey, owns a library in New York City, and one of the other characters is an author with writer’s block. Books about books will forever be one of my favorite things, because, before finding this amazing community online, they were my first gateway into seeing my feelings about books and reading reflected somewhere. They made me feel like I wasn’t alone (which is something you tend to do when you’re a rather solitary kid who enjoys reading), like someone else in this world understood what I felt.

This is obviously also a really romantic and spicy book, but if I’m honest I cared much more about the things I previously mentioned than the actual romantic element in it. Regardless, the romance was sweet and it featured realistic elements, things that can happen to any of us.

I’ll keep reading whatever Alessia Esse has in store in the future (and in the meantime I might reread her first series and hope it’ll get translated to English because more people need access to it ♥)

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