Happy Pride Month!

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This is a really quick post, I’m in a slump and even when I read books I don’t have time to/don’t feel like writing reviews (I’m really sorry), BUT I wanted to say I’m going to challenge myself to only read LGBTQ+ books this month (it’s not such a drastic change from what I usually read anyway so it doesn’t even feel like a challenge to be honest).

I also made a goodreads shelf with books I’ve read that have good rep (or at least rep that I found good). If it’s a series, I only added book one so it’s less cluttered. I’ll keep adding to the list throughout the month as I read stuff (again, I don’t know how many books I’ll read since this is a big slump and I’m busy with other things), but at the end of the month I’ll probably just change its name and keep it.

So feel free to snoop around that shelf and I hope you’ll all try to read more queer books always but especially this month! (I haven’t looked around if there’s some kind of official challenge for this, I just want to make it a very chill thing for me because I can’t deal with more serious challenges now, but anyone is free and welcome to join me)

Also not book related but everyone go watch Yuri!!! On Ice if you haven’t ♥