2018 reading and blogging goals

Happy new year everyone!

Ideally I should have written this post in December, but I figure it’s also a good post to start the year with.

My resolutions aren’t anything big or extra challenging, but I do have some things that I wish to change and improve.

  • The biggest change that I wish to make is to start reading audiobooks. I’ve never felt the need to do so but now that I live alone I find myself hating doing chores. Wait, that’s normal? Okay, but I mean… I hate chores also because I feel like I could be doing something in the meantime. And yeah sometimes I listen to music but at some point I started thinking “what if I managed to read (listen to) something on my TBR while I’m cooking/ironing/idk.” I finally got an audible account and I’ve already started listening to my first audiobook (I got Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman). I’m also looking for more audiobook recs so if you have any definitely let me know!
  • The second goal is something I’ve already started doing in 2017 and it’s also about managing my reading time in a better way. I found that by installing the kindle app on my phone I got a lot of more reading time while I was outside (on the bus, train, wherever), and I want to continue doing this and get better at it. So: keep reading while I’m stuck somewhere with only my phone. The only problem is that I don’t want to do this with every book, because reading only a few pages at the time doesn’t work for, say, fantasy (at least for me), so this brings me to my next point:
  • Having more than one current read of different genres (but not too many). Until a few months ago I was an exclusive one-book-at-the-time reader. I still find that that’s the best way for me to enjoy the books that end up being among my favorites, especially if they’re fantasy. But when I started reading more contemporaries and when I started getting more ARCs I realized that sometimes in order to keep reading and not give in to the reading slump I had to start reading something else too, so this past year I’ve managed to read a few books at the time, and that’s what I want to keep doing. But I also don’t want to get overwhelmed with current reads, so my rule is that at any given time I can’t have more than one contemporary, one fantasy, one non-fiction and one graphic novel on my currently reading shelf, plus one audiobook because that’s a different format anyway.
  • This is not only book related, but I really need to manage my time better. I keep trying to do ten things at once and end up finishing none. I switch on my laptop to “write one blog post” and end up scrolling goodreads, tumblr, twitter, starting to write a review, google how to make edits, start reading a webcomic, chat with friends… Eventually it’s 1am and I haven’t accomplished one (1) single thing and I really want to stop doing that. If I want to be constantly active on my blog I also need to block out all distractions while I’m drafting a post.
  • Learn how to read faster. This is not exactly a priority but I get so annoyed at myself when I see that I seem to be reading 3x slower than a lot of people. I tried to blame it on English not being my first language, but honestly a lot of my friends whose first language also isn’t English read so much faster than me. I can’t really explain why but I seem to be reading at talking speed, so that means that it never takes me less than 6 hours to read a 300 something pages book. I know I can go faster, but that for me means skim reading, and it’s not something I want to do (if I’m doing it it means I’m hating the book). If anyone has advice on how to learn to read a bit faster while also savoring the book please let me know! I’m kind of desperate at this point.
  • Be better at blogging. I mean it in every way possible, from posting regularly to creating better content. Specifically though, the main thing I want to do is write one discussion post every month. Even if it’s not an actual discussion, I still want to write something that is completely mine and not just a copy of what everyone else does. My most popular posts are discussions after all, so that makes me hopeful that people actually like the things I have to say. The downside is that to be able to write those I need to have time, not only to write them but also to engage in the book community on wordpress, twitter and goodreads, and I don’t always have the time/energy to do so.
  • Post mini reviews. Seriously, if you know me from goodreads, you know I read a lot more than what I post here on the blog. If 2018 is going to be like 2017, I will read a lot of webcomics, short stories, whatever. Sometimes I will even read full length books that I simply can’t write a full review on because they’re too perfect and I can’t find more than a few words for them. I post all of those on my goodreads, but why not post them here too? I started blogging with the impression that all my reviews here had to be perfectly structured and long-ish and I’d keep my more rambly and generally less pretty reviews on goodreads only, but why limit myself that way? 2018 is going to be very busy for me so I need t make sure that I am able to use the content I am able to create, even if it’s a mini review. With that said, I also want to write better long reviews when I do write them, especially with my ARCs.
  • Speaking of which… I really need to read the eARCs I received in 2017. I have a few books that are the second part of a trilogy and the final book is coming out this year and I’m still here like….but I still have the ARC of book two. Oops.
  • Even with the changes to Netgalley, I was able to request a few more ARCs (and not just “wish” for them). I’m not sure how, but I was also approved for a couple of them, so the goal is to keep trying to request, but only things I’m 100% interested in.
  • I need to read books in German. Please kick my ass if I don’t. Ideally I want to read one a month, but…..we’ll see.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something but that’s all I can think of  right now! Let me know what your goals for 2018 are and tell me if you have audiobook recommendations (I’ll be eternally grateful) or tips on how to read faster!

17 thoughts on “2018 reading and blogging goals

  1. Hi! Until last year I was also a one-book-at-the-time reader! Then I discovered that I like to mix some genres when I read a lot of fantasy. So my rule is that I can only be reading 1 physical book that I can put on my bag, 1 ebook because sometimes it’s easier to carry around the ereader and 1 physical book that I can’t put in my bag so I only read it at home ahaha Usually it’s one fantasy book (or two fantasy books from different sub-genres) and 2 books from other genres ^^

    My only *must* goal is to read at least 30 books!

    Good luck with your goals and happy new year!!

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    1. I love your system for how many books you can read! It makes sense because they’re all different formats. I personally almost only read ebooks so I had to make a rule about genres instead 😀
      Happy new year you too and good luck with your goals!


  2. Good luck with all these goals, Silvia!!
    I’ve never been someone who can get into an audiobook, although maybe it’s because they’re not good ones? The only one I can remember listening to was On the Jellicoe Road (although I read the book too) but the narrator would change her voice when it came to a man talking, and all I can remember is laughing – I was like 15 though, I’m sure ill be different now (I hope).

    When it comes to reading faster, I don’t know how to help! I’m a very fast reader – I timed myself the other day: I read 100 pages in 50 mins, and I think on average people tend to read 100 pages within 2 hours (I googled this, don’t know how accurate it is and of course everyone is different). Honestly, it’s just something that developed over time. I’ve been reading (properly I mean) since I was 13, and I eventually developed the ability to read fast. one of my old high school teachers used to say that people who read fast take in the start of a sentence and the last few words of a sentence, and can figure out what the middle said – so basically taking in about 40-50% of a sentence, and assuming the rest – but doing this subconsciously. I’m not sure if this is what I do – my teacher seemed to think I did this though I have no idea how she would know – but I always thought it was interesting. this is such lame advice, but the only way to read fast is to practice!
    Although I did find this post: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/tim-ferriss/speed-reading_b_5317784.html

    Definitely post mini reviews!! they’re so much easier! or even a few in one post! also, I myself like reading shorter reviews. if its a book im interested in, I’ll read the review no matter what, but I have a tendency to skip paragraphs sometimes, so if it s a shorter review, I’m much more likely to read the whole thing. also writing up lists like 5 reasons this book is awesome kind of thing is fun too!!

    good luck with all this ❤️


    1. Thank you!!! I started reading the stuff in that link and it looks interesting, I’m gonna give it a try when I have more time! I know I read pretty fast in Italian and the thing I heard about was more about only “looking” at words or at the beginning of words and then your brain filling in the blanks. I think I do that to some extent, because I’m not SUPER slow (just slow compared to serial readers lol). I am going to try to exercise and see if I get any results, because the way this is going I’ll never be able to read all the 2018 releases I’m anticipating – let alone all the other books on my TBR lol!

      I love reading short reviews too, I just didn’t find them on actual blogs until recently, so I guess it’s time that I start doing that too!

      Thank you dear ❤

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  3. aaaaaaah this is such a good goal list!! my favorite audiobooks of all time are the Diviners audiobooks, and all of Neil Gaiman’s audiobooks are good too – for some reason I find reading him way more magical than listening to him, but his voicing is fantastic. Autoboyography is totally your thing and has a pretty decent audiobook! also i’ve been rereading SoC on audio and the narrators are so PERFECT.

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          1. OH OKAY that makes sense, I think I’m still not used to it bc I can get distracted even while cooking or something like that so probably doing anything that involves looking at words wouldn’t be great but I really hope I can get to that point

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  4. I love audiobooks!! Hopefully you can enjoy them because I know not everyone can concentrate on them. They’re actually great for when you’re doing chores or working on your blog even 🙂 Happy New Year!

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  5. “I started blogging with the impression that all my reviews here had to be perfectly structured and long-ish and I’d keep my more rambly and generally less pretty reviews on goodreads only, but why limit myself that way?”

    SAME! I don’t know why I never dare posting those on my blog but as I’ve less time for reviewing now I’ll try to do it too. Also I LOVE discussions posts as well, strangely I still prefer reading reviews on GR so they’re what make blogging so amazing imo?

    Great post Sylvia!


    1. I’m still trying to force myself to post shorter reviews when that’s all I can do – it takes some internal struggle but I think it’s only going to get better!
      Also same, I prefer reading reviews on GR because that way I see all of them. Blogging is great for posting random stuff though!
      Thank you 💗

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