ARC review: Curved Horizon by Taylor Brooke

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I was sent this book as an advanced copy by the publisher via NetGalley for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own. 


Summary: Curved Horizon picks up a few weeks after the conclusion of Fortitude Smashed with Daisy Yuen and Chelsea Cavanaugh, whose Camellia Clocks draw close to timing out.

Navigating the in’s and out’s of love is hard enough as strangers destined to be soul mates and proves even more complicated when Daisy shares ugly, dark secrets that linger in her and Aiden’s past.

Meanwhile, Shannon and Aiden continue to explore their own new relationship. With Fall comes an unforgettable one year anniversary, but when Shannon suffers a life-threatening incident on the job, Chelsea, Daisy, and Aiden must find a way to let go of their pasts to make room for their futures.

Release date: March 8th


DNF @68%

This book wasn’t all bad, but I think by now after two books by the author I’ve accepted that her writing is just not for me.


• the whole Rose Road system is explained better than in book one
• some things that were left unsaid or up to imagination in book one were clarified (ex: the characters’ sexualities)
• the romance between Daisy and Chelsea was cute and I think they had chemistry
• we get to learn more about Aiden’s and Shannon’s pasts


I think a lot of the issues from book one were still present in this book, plus a few new ones.

I think that after the initial set-up it becomes “let’s kiss and then doubt everything again and fight and then make up, rinse and repeat”, which is exactly what happened in book one. This dynamic is just not interesting to me, especially when in their making up scenes everything seems to be perfect and I see none of the inner conflict they show when they’re apart. I think the issue is that they get together too early on and then it’s kind of a struggle to keep this thing up for like 80% of the book.

Also, one thing I mentioned in my likes but that I also can’t fully get behind with is how central Aiden and Shannon were. On one side it was nice to see them again and learn more about both, because book one didn’t really clarify some things. BUT. A lot of the things addressed here NEEDED to be in book one, and I partially understand why they were mentioned here instead, because they were fully part of Daisy’s history too. However, this just feels like poor planning from the author’s part. I wanted to see more about Aiden’s story in the book dedicated to Aiden and Shannon, not in this one.

Another thing I didn’t like is how lost I kept getting. I don’t know if this will be fixed in the final version when the book gets published, but I kept having to reread some parts because too often there were lines of dialogue that didn’t seem related to anything else going on. This made the reading experience very slow and ultimately didn’t help me want to finish this book.

And that’s another problem: a lot of this book feels like just dragging the story so it would reach an x amount of pages, and after that Dramatic Things happen (I know this because I’ve asked my friend to spoil me the end) at like 90%, when they could have happened much earlier and then allow for more depth.

I don’t know, I just see that this doesn’t bother everybody but it bothers me to the point that it feels like I’m wasting my time reading this. I believe I would have given this three stars if I had kept reading it but I just can’t give more than two stars to a book I DNF’d.

Rep: bi girl (Chelsea), bi boy (Shannon), demisexual and Chinese girl (Daisy), pansexual boy (Aiden).

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