Review: At the Edge of the Universe by Shaun David Hutchinson


Summary:Tommy and Ozzie have been best friends since second grade, and boyfriends since eighth. They spent countless days dreaming of escaping their small town—and then Tommy vanished.

More accurately, he ceased to exist, erased from the minds and memories of everyone who knew him. Everyone except Ozzie.

Ozzie doesn’t know how to navigate life without Tommy, and soon suspects that something else is going on: that the universe is shrinking.

When Ozzie is paired up with new student Calvin on a physics project, he begins to wonder if Calvin could somehow be involved. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is for him to deny the feelings developing between them, even if he still loves Tommy.

But Ozzie knows there isn’t much time left to find Tommy–that once the door closes, it can’t be opened again. And he’s determined to keep it open as long as possible.

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This was my first book by SDH and I’ve been so hyped about his work that this could have easily gone the “it didn’t live up to my expectations” way. But! It didn’t! I have no idea what I expected from this in terms of plot and characters but I can say that it was definitely worth the hype (I say hype but how come only around 1800 people have rated this on goodreads?? How???)

Anyway, I don’t have a copy of this anymore because I read it on Riveted, so this is a short review with no quotes or anything, but you should definitely go read this book.

So, Ozzie is the only one who remembers his boyfriend Tommy. Everyone’s history has been modified to reflect a world where Tommy was never born, But Ozzie knows he hasn’t just dreamed Tommy. Throughout the book we see some of the memories he shared with Tommy, but the main story takes place in the present, where Ozzie life moves on, more or less, without Tommy. His disappearance isn’t the only weird thing that’s happened. The universe is also shrinking, and again, only Ozzy seems to know.

I found the premise so intriguing that I was hooked on that alone from the start, but then as we learn more about Ozzie, his old friends Lua and Dustin and his new friend Calvin, I couldn’t stop reading.

The book touches on many difficult and dark themes that are a reality for so many young adults, so keep that in mind and look at the trigger warnings at the of my review to know some of the themes that are in this book (but keep in mind I might have missed some).

The cast is also very diverse with Ozzie being gay, Tommy being a black gay boy, Lua being genderfluid, Calving being questioning/bi, and Dustin being coded as ace (the author confirmed he is, but the word is not on page because Dustin doesn’t say it, so I guess he’s questioning at the time of the book).

I really don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll just say that reading this was great and especially the countdown of the size of the universe made it impossible to stop reading, as well as the question of why everything was happening.

I can only recommend everyone to read it and find out everything by yourself.

TWs: self harm, depression, sexual assault, abuse.


Have you read this book? What did you think of it?

7 thoughts on “Review: At the Edge of the Universe by Shaun David Hutchinson

    1. A lot of stuff was definitely relatable, if not to me then to a lot of people. I’m looking forward to reading his other books. I hope you’ll like this one if you pick it up!


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