Announcing #QueerLitStories ❤💛💚💙💜

queer lit stories

Hello everyone! Today I’m happy to announce my first guest post series, and it’s one that’s very dear to my heart.

A little while ago I shared an idea on twitter, not really thinking anyone would reply, but it got much more attention than I thought it would.

So, here’s what this series will be about:


Basically, a series to share how diverse, and specifically queer, literature can make a difference for people who see themselves represented in it (or not). Everyone’s story will be different, the books they’ll talk about will be different, their relationship with them will be different. All to show that actual people with different life stories and backgrounds live under the umbrella term “queer”, and that more stories are worth sharing than the typical m/m romance between two gay cis white guys.

I have temporarily closed this off to new entries on twitter because I want to see how this goes first. However, I want to give everyone a fair chance to be able to post their story, so if you only follow me here and you would like to be featured in this series please let me know through my contact page or send me an email (, or just comment down below, but please only do so if you’re sure you will send me something and if you already have an idea of what you’ll talk about. I will be sharing the posts in the order I receive them so the earliest you send it to me the earliest you’ll be published.

Edit: When you send me something, please follow these rules:
• contact me beforehand and sum up what you’re going to talk about in your post

• specify what title you want me to give to your post – please come up with your title yourself
• keep your post around or under 1k (1000) words
• send your post to my email as I mentioned above with the formatting you want me to post it in – bold, italics, quotes. Preferably send it to me in easy HTML (like you’d do in a goodreads review).

• tell me if you want me to post it with your name or anonymously
• send me any links you want me to share (your blog, twitter, instagram,…)
you have complete freedom to write your post about your own experiences. However, you must not erase other people’s experiences and identities. If I think that your post might in any way or form harm other people, I will let you know and kindly ask you to please rethink or reword your post. I have the right to refuse sharing your post if I still think it will hurt others.

I personally can’t wait to share the first post later this week, and I really hope you’re all going to like this series!

27 thoughts on “Announcing #QueerLitStories ❤💛💚💙💜

  1. oh my god this is such an amazing & beautiful idea, and something so important!! I’d love to contribute but I’m still figuring out my sexuality haha, but I’ll definitely be reading all the posts, especially since queer books have been really helpful on my journey! 💝

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    • Thank you honey! You know, figuring out your sexuality is a big part of being queer, even if you don’t have a label yet, so if you ever want to write something about your journey I’d be happy to share it ♥ no pressure to do it of course, and you can think about it for however long you need! ♥

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