TV-Show Review: Everything Sucks!

Today I want to do something different since I don’t think I’ve ever done a TV show review on my blog, but I liked this one so much I thought I should try!

Everything sucks! is about a group of kids attending high school in 1996. While at the beginning it might seem that the show will follow a typical “the nerd kids are bullied by the school bullies” storyline, it’s far from that.


In fact, a lot of the show is centered around art and creativity. What initially looks like a typical plot revolving around a school play actually turns out to be this big quest to make a movie, forcing the A/V club and the theater kids to stick together and form unlikely friendships.

While that’s what drives the story forward, the best part of the show in my opinion is the individual character arcs, especially those of the two main characters, Luke and Kate.

Luke and Kate

Luke O’Neil is such a good male main character. He’s definitely not your typical “(white) boy thinks he’s entitled to everything” character. Luke is a freshman who starts high school together with his best friends McQuaid and Tyler, and they’re basically the outcast group.

One of the reasons I like Luke as a main character is that he definitely knows he has to work towards his goals, whether it’s about getting a girlfriend or directing a movie. That’s something I feel often is missing in male main characters. He makes mistakes, like all fourteen year olds do, and he’s sometimes as selfish as he is protective of the people he loves, but he never takes anything for granted.

His relationship with his mom was the most precious (his mom is also awesome and I’m so glad that she’s more than just a supporting character) and of course I loved his friendship with the other boys and with Kate.

Kate Messner is the other main character and she’s a girl coming to terms with the fact that she’s a lesbian. She develops a crush on school “bully” Emaline Addario, which also happens to be the protagonist of the movie they’re making (Kate is in the A/V club).

Kate’s arcs was so good to see on screen. Obviously a lot of it is about her sexuality but it’s not just about that. She’s a well-rounded character that just happens, on top of other things, to be a lesbian. She is very mature and a loyal friend. I also liked her dad (which is also the school’s principal) a lot, and I like that his own storyline and character arc were given space even though most of the show revolves around teens.

There were a lot of other random things I loved, like how when the two groups first joined, the cool theater kid basically took one of the outcast kids under his wings. They kind of reminded me of Steve and Dustin from Stranger Things.

Another thing I liked is how even the characters that were portrayed as being shallow and mean (especially Emaline) were given depth as the season went on. There was truly nobody with irredeemable qualities and there was no unnecessary girl hate.

It was also really funny, it didn’t rely on harmful tropes, it really got the whole “nineties feel” right, with all the songs and the pop culture references, and it was very bingeable. It’s only ten episodes of 20 minutes each, so it’s easy to watch it all in one afternoon. You won’t even notice how much times has passed.

I don’t know if this will get a second season but the creators definitely made it so a second season is possible. The main plotline is over, but there’s still enough open doors when it comes to character arcs.

So, I definitely recommend watching it if you can. Whether you’re looking for representation, for a nostalgic nineties feel or simply for something easy and funny to watch, you’ll most likely enjoy it.


Have you watched this show? Do you plan on watching it? Do you think I should I write more TV series reviews (and get better at writing them lmao)?

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