#T5W: Books For My Younger Self

Top Five Wednesday is a book meme that Lainey started and I discovered through the lovely Samantha‘s videos. If you’re interested you can join the goodreads group to get the topics for each week.

This week’s topic:

September 12th: Books For My Younger Self
— This was recommended as a topic on twitter and I love it! Books that you wish your younger self would have read to learn a life lesson, get more self confidence, open your eyes to a new perspective, etc.


PJO (and everything in the Riordan-verse)

I will eternally be angry about the fact that I’ve never even heard of Riordan’s books when I was in elementary/middle school. In fact I didn’t know about them until in my twenties when I joined the book community (don’t @ me they weren’t very well known in Italy okay!) Anyway the books are so fun and I know for a fact that little me would have been a huge fan.

The Nowhere Girls


This book is so, so important. I wish I had read this years ago and I like to think that maybe it would have helped me recognize my own internalized misogyny and stop needlessly hating on girls and stuff.

Six of Crows

I feel like younger me was a little bit more into action than I am now (I am now character-driven-stories trash) and this duology would have been the perfect bridge from action to character driven, like I would have realized sooner that a lot of what makes a book a good book are well-written characters.

In Other Lands


Well this is a masterpiece so of course I would have loved it, plus the humor in it is so much me (and past me) that I think I would have enjoyed this in any period of my life. But mainly I feel like this would’ve been one of the best books to introduce me to the concept of bisexuality? Like if y’all think I ever thought one could be anything except gay or straight you’d be 100% wrong. To this day I’ve only heard the Italian word for bisexual like, 3 or 4 times, and I definitely hadn’t heard it back when I was a teen, so… But this book would’ve opened my eyes.

Always Human


I wasn’t that much into comics when I was younger so I’m choosing this webcomic (which you can and should read here) both because it would introduce my younger self to the concept of free comics on the internet AND because it has one of the cutest sapphic relationships ever.


Which books would you want your younger self to read? Do you think you’d be different now if you had? Do you believe there is such a thing as a “perfect” time to read a book?

8 thoughts on “#T5W: Books For My Younger Self

  1. This has reminded me that I really need to read The Nowhere Girls! I just read Final Draft a few weeks back, and teenage me would have felt a whole lot better about things if she’d read that!


  2. What you said about The Nowhere Girls and misogyny is exactly how I feel about basically all queer books that aren’t m/m and homophobia (…in 10 years of Catholic school you will pick up so much toxic stuff even if you mistrust everything about the religion from the beginning). If I had had access to f/f content earlier, I know things would have been different for me.
    That’s why I’m so happy The Nowhere Girls was translated. Homophobia and slut-shaming were everyday things to me; now I hope people my age can find queer and feminist books here. (…and I really should have read it by now.)

    I have heard people here use the word bisessuale (at least three people who were in my class either describe themselves today with it or used it in the past) but before I started reading English books I had a lot of misconceptions about what that actually meant, because yay Italy.


  3. I AGREE SO MUCH!! i wish wish wish i had read the pjo series when i was a teenager bc its so fantastic. this is such a great post, only if we could go back and time and recc these books to our younger selves ;-;


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