ARC Review: Age of Magic (Wish Quartet #4) by Elise Kova and Lynn Larsh

I was sent this book as an advanced copy for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own. 


Summary: A new age has dawned. Will Jo be its savior, or its downfall?
The Society is over and its members are now free in a new world. But freedom is not what it seems, and their true enemy is still at large.

Joining together one last time, the members lend their magic and knowledge to Jo to finally put an end to the madness of Chaos and finally free Snow. There’s no easy path to victory, and securing the future of the new Age of Magic may cost Jo everything.

Will her plan be enough to finally end a divine war that has spanned across thousands of years? Or is this new Age of Magic merely a precursor to the final Age of Oblivion?

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The conclusion to this series felt very different from the first three books and I can say I’m fairly satisfied with how everything turned out.

The thing I loved the most was the new Age of Magic and seeing how technology and magic and different creatures interacted in this new alternate reality that was created by the destruction of the Society of Wishes. Also the new world politics were interesting even though maybe it’s a little unrealistic that the whole world was divided in so few political areas but for simplicity purposes it was fine.

Contrary to the first three books, this was a lot about plotting and planning and I can’t help but feel like it could’ve been a little shorter. Not that it’s not short already, but it did drag a little for me in some parts, and I can’t help but feel like a lot of the book was “let’s do this thing to show off this world we created” when the Thing didn’t end up having much relevance at the end after all.

The rest made up for it though and I loved the whole part in the Elves’ kingdom, it was basically like reading a high fantasy novel instead of an urban fantasy and I loved the descriptions of the surroundings.

As for the actual conclusion I found it a little bit messy and although there was a lot of tension I never really felt like the stakes were too high. I never felt actually scared for any of the characters and I thought so much time in the novel was spent planning that I already knew exactly what would happen because not enough was left up to my imagination in those last moments, if that makes sense. Everything more or less turned out how everyone expected it to go.

Despite this, I’m still satisfied and finally I saw some other side plot lines have the page time they deserved. I’m particularly talking about a side M/M couple which I found was pretty obvious from book one but still it’s nice to see it actually on page. The main romance between Jo and Snow never actually made my heart beat so I wasn’t thrilled about it here either but it was okay. If you’re easily into soulmates/reincarnation romances you’ll probably enjoy the romance a lot.

The epilogue set the basis for a future spin-off series as was to be expected. I think if I had the next books on my hands right now I wouldn’t exactly skip meals to read them but I’d keep them for later when I’m in the mood for this genre again, which I’m sort of not right now.

I still enjoyed the overall experience of reading this Wish Quartet series and I would recommend it for fans of urban fantasy and/or Elise Kova, even though I still think she can and has done better than this.

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