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Hello and welcome back to an episode of Silvia Gets Everyone Into Her Latest Obsessions.

First of all, an introduction, because I don’t want to assume that everyone who finds this post has even heard of this. Or maybe they have but they’re still as confused as I was when I saw my friends on twitter get into it.

So, what is MDZS?

Mo Dao Zu Shi is the title of a Chinese novel by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, and it translates to “Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation”, and it’s also the title of some of its adaptations (except for the live action, which I’m going to talk about later).

Here’s the synopsis from goodreads:

As the grandmaster who founded the Demonic Sect, Wei WuXian roamed the world in his wanton ways, hated by millions for the chaos he created. In the end, he was backstabbed by his dearest shidi and killed by powerful clans that combined to overpower him. He incarnates into the body of a lunatic who was abandoned by his clan and is later, unwillingly, taken away by a famous cultivator among the clans—Lan WangJi, his archenemy. This marks the start of a thrilling yet hilarious journey of attacking monsters, solving mysteries, and raising children. From the mutual flirtation along the way, Wei WuXian slowly realizes that Lan WangJi, a seemingly haughty and indifferent poker-face, holds more feelings for Wei WuXian than he is letting on.

I would say this description is not 100% spot-on, but it does mention a lot of its strong points.

Before we talk about the different adaptations, I’m going to tell you…

Why I love this series so much

(in bunny-points)

🐇 canon gay happy ending

🐰 non-linear storyline taking place over many (20) years

🐇 so many different plotlines and they all come together beautifully by the end (while realistically leaving a few things unsolved or bitter-sweetly solved)

🐰 music magic!!

🐇 great cast of characters

🐰 beautiful relationships & found families

🐇 fascinating world and magic

🐰 bunnies!!

🐇 it’s dark but it’s balanced by a lot of funny and cute moments

🐰 good balance of shallow + deep villains

🐇 strictly-followed typical villain arc but SUBVERTED

🐰 zombies and ghosts (psst, they’re not all bad!)

🐇 blurred line between right and wrong, does the end justify the means, etc

🐰 adopting children along the way

🐇 lots of beautiful heartbreak

🐰 investigating a mystery while falling in love

🐇 oblivious bisexual main character

🐰 …and so much more!

If everything I mentioned above sounds like something you’d also like, read on to learn about the different adaptations!

The basics

There are a few rules I feel are best to follow if you want to get into this fandom and enjoy each adaptation at its fullest, but of course this is just my experience with it and you should do what you feel like. In any case, here’s my general advice:

Start with something visual, doesn’t matter if it’s the comic or the animated version or both. I’d advice against starting with the novel because there are a lot of characters and you’ll be able to better tell them apart if you remember how they look (also, the different sects/clans are color-coded, which is nice).

• You can probably binge all the available comic chapters in a couple of hours or less before you start the novel, and to be honest you should. However, I don’t think it matters how far you’ve reached into the animated version, but by now it’s pretty far and you will be spoiled for a lot of things that happen in the novel if you watch the full two seasons. This is up to you, my personal advice would be to either stop watching at a point you feel right for you, or stop after episode 15 (where the first season —and a huge flashback— ends).

• If you’re planning to read the novel, absolutely leave the live action for last. It is an adaptation I absolutely adore and it is in some aspects an improvement from the novel, but it does get pretty canon divergent. So if you don’t want to get confused about some plot points, read the novel first, and preferably finish watching the animated version too, so that the canon plot gets solidified in your head before you get to enjoy the more canon-divergent version.

Again, this is just based on my experience and how I got to enjoy this series of adaptations, but if you’re like, “You know, I really only care about the live action”, then go for it and watch it first! And it won’t come in the way of your enjoyment of the novel if you end up wanting to read it anyway.

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The novel


The novel is the original version written by MXTX and it’s unfortunately not yet officially translated in English (although, as you can imagine, there are fan translations on the internet). You might be able to purchase it if you can read Chinese, but I’m not sure if that’s possible because I heard of issues with censorship due to the M/M content. I know the author has had to write many different versions to appease Chinese censorship before but I’m quite honestly lost as to where it stands now and can’t find the information I want. But chances are, if you can read Chinese you can find this information better than I can (and if you do or you know about it already, please let me know!).

Anyway, the novel is very long and very beautiful. You can read it in its full length here.

The manhua


The manhua (Chinese manga) is structured like a webtoon. It’s being officially translated in English on the wecomics app so you should definitely read it there to support it.

I think as far as I know this is the second-closest adaptation that follows the novel, only second to the audio drama (which is the only adaptation the author herself has any supervision on, afaik, but I’m not covering it in this post because I haven’t listened to it -but I know it’s beautifully acted from snippets I’ve heard online).

It can also be read on the kuaikanmanhua app if you want to read the latest chapters, which have not been translated into English yet. The app is all in Chinese so you will need to either understand Chinese or work around it with Google Translate. Later chapters are paid-only but they’re very cheap, and it’s easy for iOS users to pay for them directly. It’s trickier for Android users and you will need to ask your friends with Chinese bank accounts to help you out (please look for this information on twitter where other folks have explained).

Plot explanation time: the novel has many flashbacks (I told you, non-linear storyline), alternated with chapters in the present. The past timeline follows Wei Wuxian’s life before his death, and the present chapters follow him after his resurrection (this is not a spoiler since it tells you in the literal prologue of any adaptation, and it’s also in the synopsis!) Because some things work differently in different formats, the flashbacks don’t always interrupt the present story at the same time throughout all adaptations, but the manhua is more or less closer to the novel in this regard.

Here’s some fun screencaps from it:

manhua 1
Wei Wuxian getting flustered
manhua 2
drunk!Lan Wangji

The donghua | watch here!


The donghua (Chinese anime) is one of two adaptations you can consume legally because it’s been officially translated!

It currently has two seasons (or, one 23-episodes-long season) and it will be a while before the next one comes out, but now is a good point to start it. Since it’s literally on YouTube, you really have no excuse not to start watching it (…unless you don’t want to, but then why did you get so far into this post? eheh), and if you don’t like it you can always close the tab and no harm done!

I think this adaptation is very well done, it keeps things a little more superficial compared to the novel or the live action, but that’s to be expected. It changes some things slightly, too, but less than the live action does. And the animation itself is so good, you can clearly see how much thought the creators put into each scene.

The live action | watch here! / on Netflix / on WeTV app


The live action is called Chén Qíng Lìng – The Untamed (usually people in the fandom just refer to it as cql), and sees Xiao Zhan as Wei Wuxian and Wang Yibo as Lan Wangji. The fandom loves them both and with good reason. I think they did their roles perfectly and truly became their characters and did them justice. Especially Yibo, who had the difficult task of portraying Lan Wangji, did such a masterful job (and keep in mind this was his first time acting!). The other actors were all amazing as well, and I love them all so much. I now see their faces when I reread the book or read fanfiction!

I like to see this adaptation as its own canon divergent universe. It did some things I preferred compared to the novel, especially how it gives more space to a few characters that in the novel have a smaller role, especially the female characters. Then there are things that I personally didn’t care about but I can sort of understand why they changed (especially in the past timeline, giving more scenes to the Wen clan, the yin iron…), and then there’s stuff I’m neutral about (the present plotline and what they did with the investigation plot).

There’s also the fact that because of Chinese censorship they had to formally no-homo the main relationship, but if you know me a bit you should at least trust me, lover of making things GAY, when I tell you that they did everything they could to convey how much the two main characters deeply love each other. Especially if you’ve read the novel, you’ll be able to tell exactly what’s going through their minds (especially Lan Wangji) at any given scene. I truly appreciate them giving them some of the most romantic, cheesy scenes I’ve ever seen in any live action ever (and, minor spoiler alert, they might not be able to show them as a couple, but the word “soulmate” might or might not have canonically used, so…)

I could honestly wax poetics about this adaptation for hours, but I promised myself this post wouldn’t be a review so I’m keeping this short(ish).

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The warnings

I would love to give y’all a full trigger warning list, but the fact is the novel is very very long and I wasn’t taking notes when I read it, so my list is going to be lacking. And as always, you should never count on only one person to spot all the triggers in any given work anyway.

This is a very dark story that sees major character deaths (although the most important one you know from the start, and you know he gets resurrected), grief, war, and so much more. If this was a western novel we’d label it Adult, and if you don’t normally read dark, adult fantasy, I would recommend you procede with caution.

A most definitely not complete list of content warnings (note: not all warnings may apply to all the adaptations, and not all warnings apply to the main characters/relationships and have the same importance throughout the story):

(highlight the paragraph to read): multiple major character deaths, loss of parents, grief, effects of trauma, self-sacrificing for others in more than one way, eye horror, betrayal, gore, walking corpses, monsters etc, war, mention of incest, murder, mention of torture, portrayal of work/death camp-like setting, mention of rape, mentions of extreme poverty and homelessness, dubious consent, child death, presumed child death, corporal punishment, mutilation, dismemberment, explicit sex scenes, alcohol consumption, mention of parental abuse, ableistic language.

The disclaimer

Like every piece of fiction, this is not perfect. If I were to review it like I do other books or shows, I would give it five stars because my ratings tend to focus more on my emotional response than anything, but that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of its flaws. But the fact is that this story has consumed my time and thoughts for more than a month, thanks to the different adaptations (and fanfiction), so much that I’ve been in a reading slump ever since and I don’t even care about forcing myself to get back to reading until I get it out of my system.

It’s a fantasy story set in a world and a culture I knew nothing about (and still can’t claim to understand beyond what MDZS showed me), but I couldn’t keep my eyes off the page although the novel is 113 chapters long (and something that would probably be around 1k+ pages of a print book), and I honestly can’t say that many of the books I read were able to do the same.

Also, all my friends who have spontaneously (after seeing me talk about it all day on twitter…….) started to watch/read it are now in hell and can’t stop talking and thinking about it, so I guess it’s one of those things that once you start you kind of get obsessed with. I take no responsibility for your book slumps, y’all.

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I hope this post was useful to those of you who have been wanting to get in on this fandom because I know it can be hard to understand where to start with. And if you didn’t know about it before, I really hope I have piqued your interest!

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    1. OMG ahaha that must have been so confusing for you, I can’t blame you for getting lost! but the fact that you still enjoyed it is so powerful sfksdfh and by the way, have you started any other adaptation by now?

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      1. Not yet, I’m defending my thesis on Thursday so I’m not starting anything until after that lol. But I’m most probably following it with manhua! I don’t watch things often so it will take lots of time until I get to the other stuff 😀
        Maybe I should clean up my graphic and post it so other people may find it helpful lol


        1. oh my god GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR THESIS!!

          you know i would really like seeing the graphic and i’m sure it would be really helpful both for people just starting out and for people to refresh their memories! if you decide to post it you should notify me so i don’t miss it 👀

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  1. This is such a comprehensive and detailed post! Thank you for this, it’s great to have everything (…official) in one place.
    The color-coding of the donghua saved me – I think it’s a good place to start, too, even though it’s not my favorite adaptation.

    And about the side-stepping censorship: I watched episode one of the live action with an irl friend today, without giving that much context before (I’m bad at explaining things anyway). I didn’t mention it was gay, and yet, in the first scene in which resurrected-wwx looks at lwj, my friend said “he’s looking at him like a teenage boy who is in love” so yes. they did such a great job with that

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    1. Aw thank you! I really wanted to write this post also as an explanation why I haven’t been blogging fsklh and I just had to get this stuff out there.

      Oh, i LOVE this!! I was sort of thinking the same, that even without knowing the context, there’s no way to mistake the multiple glances + romantic background music + all the emotions in every wangxian scene….and your friend proved me right lol

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  2. Silvia this is such a brilliant post!!!!!!!! I absolutely love how you have lay everything out, and how you have made recommendations on the best way to start MDZS. I have just started the novel and I think it is going to take me a long, long time to get through, but I am totally ok with that because I just love this series so much.

    Honestly, I am so glad that you talk about this on twitter because I don’t think I ever would have known about it, and that thought makes me sad. MDZS amazes me in that I find within the shortest space of time I can go from laughing to crying. It is just so deep and dark and beautiful, and I honestly don’t think I can begin to explain to people how much I now love this series.

    Once again, brilliant post my love. I will definitely be referring to this in the future!!!

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    1. Steffy, thank you so much for your words! I know exactly what you mean about being sad at the thought of never finding out about mdzs. It has given me so much joy since I started it and it’s made me feel every possible human emotion.
      I am so glad that you found this post useful ♥


  3. Ahhhh Silvia this post is amazing!!

    Thank you so much for explaining everything. I’ve been curious about this since I seen people mention , Slow Burn and Gay! – Honestly it doesn’t take me much!😂

    I had no idea where to begin so this is so very helpful. Especially since I was going to just tackle the novel but I’ll I will take your advice and try the webtoon/some of the animation first.

    Also I’m so very happy it’s cannon. I honestly thought the ship between the two characters was fanfiction at first!

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    1. I’m so glad you found it useful, Shan! ♥ I really hope you enjoy it if you get to it (I mean, it’s SUCH a slow burn and it’s SO gay, I don’t think there’s a chance you won’t enjoy it lol!).
      And please if you do start it, let me know what you think about it (and you can scream in my DMs anytime you want!) ♥

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      1. There is so many great things about this post I don’t even know where to start. Thank you for listing up every version of the story in such an orderly fashion.

        Wish I had this before diving into the universe. Started with the live action, but honestly think I will end up rewatching when I’m done with the rest of the adaptions.

        Wangxian for life ❤

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      2. Thank you ❤ Oh my, if I didn’t have ARCs right now – I would so binge it!

        I’ll defiantly let you know. Aww thank you, if I do start, I’ll defiantly be chatting to you because I have to tell my feelings to someone!💜☺️

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  4. OH this post is amazing!! I have seen you tweet about this constantly but could not really “get” everything and this post explains it all so well. I love all the things you listed the story has – I am already obsessed. I think I will start with the animation first, and i will definitely come scream about it to you when I do!

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    1. I’m so happy you think I explained it well! ♥ I am looking forward to more “book people” to get into it because it’s one of those things that I wouldn’t wish on myself to not have gotten into (does that sentence even make sense? I hope so aghds)

      Anyway, when you get to it YES come to my DMs ahahah no need to be shy and I really will only enjoy your suffe- I MEAN your healthy obsession 😇


      1. I just start watching the drama when I read your explanation. So detaiil, and decide reading the novel first . Thankyou so much Silvia, it’s helped me a lot. Now I’m in full excitement mode, dont know where to share the love for this masterpiece.

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    1. nope, not the first time. He was in 1 or 2 other dramas prior to Untamed, but mainly sang and danced in a boy band for several years.


  5. Thank you for your awesome list!
    I have freshly finished the novel, and currently trying to force this universe on everyone. I have one question that I can’t seem to find an answer to: I know that some people recommend watching the original series with the extra scenes in a very specific order. But now the special edition is out! As far as I know, that is a re-cut intended to be clearer, with some extra scenes of wwx and lwj gazing into each others eyes for 1 minute at a time. Should I watch the special edition then? I have faith in your wisdom, thanks a bunch!

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    1. Hi!! I would honestly recommend you watch the original 50-episode long series if you have the time, and only keep the shorter version for a rewatch (which I guarantee you’ll want to do eventually!). The reason is that while the special edition focuses much more on wangxian, it also doesn’t add a lot more than what is in the original: merely a few seconds here and there, and nothing major. And they do a weird thing in which the opening scene of each episode (before the opening song) isn’t always in chronological order, so if you haven’t watched the original, you would be spoiled for some moments (that only happen in the series and not the novel) or would be simply taken out of context and lose their emotional connection to the story. There’s only one major change to the original series and that’s the ending (thanks to cutting and moving scenes in a slightly different order), so I would still suggest that even if you ever decide to only watch the original you still check out the last 5 minutes or so of the special edition!
      I hope this made sense ahahah please feel free to ask more if you have any more questions! And thanks for having faith in me!


  6. hey! I’m super late to this, I hope I can still get an answer from you hihi.. first of all, tysm for this blog, I never knew Yibo had his first ever acting experience in this series! I’ve also been looking for the book everywhere, so bless you for the link! Somehow Google never made it show up in my searches.. But my question here is, uhm, why shouldn’t we read Incense Burner? I’m extremely curious, as expected XD


    1. Incense burner are basically two pwp chapters (ok If I want to be honest p*rn with little plot) in which there are non-con elements. The first one is simply non-con-ish, the second throws bondage into the mix. The plot part is what LWJ would have liked to do with WWX when they first met.


  7. can you tell me why i shouldn’t read ‘Incense Burner’ like i am very very anxious to dive into the story but you said i shouldn’t read it so it kind of stop my decision and also does this story contain horror scene?


    1. the incense burner extra just has some weird kinks so that’s why i said it’s best to skip it for most people, also i don’t know if you mean the whole novel or just this extra but the whole novel contains horror and gore scenes


  8. Amazing review and summary! I’ve been obsessed with every branch of the MDZS story (and have even gotten others obsessed with it too) and have been considering reading the novel for a while now – after this I think I have to! xxx


  9. AHH I’ve been dying to read the novel after live action and I have only been able to find fanfics. Can you provide me link or something where you read the novel ?? 🥺


    1. I linked to the translation in the post… Or just google grandmaster of demonic cultivation exiled rebel and you’ll find it.


  10. i finally got to the live action (after hearing about it for the last year) during my time social distancing and i’m so into the story that i definitely want to read/see everything else! i had no clue it was also a manhua, and i’m so glad i landed upon your post you explain everything really well and made me even more excited to check out the various adaptations and see how they diverge! thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of the series and providing links for everything! ( ゚▽゚)/

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  11. Unfortunately I started with the drama which I discovered by chance on Netflix. I found out about the book and all that while scouring the internet after that ending broke my heart. I just started reading the book from the link you recommended. I would like to know if the translated version is simplified or different from the original, should I wait for the official translation? I would hate to read a masterpiece in this way. What do you think of the translated book? Go? No go?


    1. It’s the only available translation and there has been no talk of official English translations anywhere, so even if that should happen I expect it won’t be for a few years. I’m not sure what you mean with simplified, it’s just the direct translation from the original Chinese. The translators did it for fun and even though they might not be professionals they did great given that it’s not an easy language to translate from, so I recommend reading it since if you can’t read the original that’s the only option you have and stylistic choices of the translation won’t subtract from your overall enjoyment of the story and characters!


      1. There is a chapter where they say that the Chinese characters were over 8000 but they did their best, I guess I didn’t want to miss anything, I put too much emphasis on how it is written but you are right it won’t subtract from the overall enjoyment.

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        1. yeah i suppose they just meant in terms of how long it took them to post the chapter, something like that. i hope you enjoy it regardless, i know i found the style weird at first but i quickly got used to it and hope you do too!


        2. I read the novel too and that Notice was in reference to how much LONGER it took to Translate and the reason it to so long to post compared to other shorter chapters. Not that they didn’t Translate it well. Fans can sometimes be a little impatient when it comes to waiting for Translator’s updates.

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  12. Yup totally agree with you about starting with animation or manhua. That’s exactly how I first went into this whole MDZS rabbit hole and I was so grateful I watched the animation first because the characters…oh my, the characters and their variation of their names. It was very confusing at first and since I’m not well-versed enough in the culture, it baffled me why these characters have at least two different names each. Also because there are lots of characters in this story, having the idea of how they look like in the animation version really helps when I read the novel one afterwards.

    I love your dedication of writing this post!! As a fellow obsessed fan of MDZS, you’ve wonderfully said everything I wish I could say in order to get people into this story! So thank you so much 💖💖💖

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    1. I explained in the post that I hadn’t started it yet back when I wrote it in September. I have since started audio drama and I love it


  13. You can put Audio drama adaptation too! I’m sure its the second closest adaptation to the novel while manhua is the third. More people need to appreciate audio drama TT also, the Wei Wuxian cast voice actor from The Untamed is the same voice actor of WWX in Audio Drama! while The Untamed LWJ is voiced by Anime LWJ. Thank you for the post

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    1. I love audio drama! It’s not in the post because I hadn’t started it yet back when I wrote it, but I plan to add it when I have more time. I actually didn’t know that about the voice actors so thanks for letting me know, that’s really cool!

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  14. Hi, I was wondering where I could find the webcomic. I looked it up on the app and couldn’t find it


  15. AHH this is such an amazing post, thank you so much! I just finished the Untamed (like a few days ago) and I’ve been binging the cast videos. There are so many contents available and I’m excited to fall into deeper into the rabbit hole 😀

    Love your blog, I’ve been wanting to watch more cdramas and I found so many recommendations! 🙂

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    1. ohhhhh ♥♥♥ it’s so nice to see more people get into this fandom 🥺🥺🥺 and thank you so much, i’m really happy that you found my post helpful! ♥


  16. I wanna read this novel for my class but idk if its age appropriate can anyone tell me what ages can read this?? ;-;


  17. I-I know I’m late but could you tell me where can I read the manga??? I can’t see the anime coz it’s blocked in my country but I at least wanna see the manga! I hope you reply and I liked your thoughts about MDZS!


    1. Why are you asking me for something I wrote in the post? You clearly haven’t even read it because if you had you would’ve seen that the information you’re asking for is already there.


      1. Oh…then I apologize for not reading it properly! But I didn’t mean to make it sound that the review was boring or that I didn’t wanna read it coz it’s long! I did read the anime part tho and even clicked on the link given for the playlist of the anime, it was blocked in my country so I didn’t bother searching anymore and asked for the manga and it’s clearly my fault for not doing so, so please forgive me if I hurt you in any way by not reading it!


  18. First let me say THANK YOU for this 🙅🏽‍♀️ I’m sooooo late to the party but OMG I’m so stuck right now! 🤪. I just found the live action on Netflix & I absolutely loved it! After I finished I found out it was not only a book of 100 plus chapters and some extras but a BL Book which I’ve never heard of until this year with all the Immortality talk. Reading it made my outlook on the live action change & I had to rewatch it & I loved it even more 🥰. I’m so hooked I even watched the Live Action Special Edition version, got into some fan fiction on YouTube and now since I’ve read this I’m about to watch the Anime Version sheesh I may even do the comic version too, like I said I’m stuck 💁🏽‍♀️ 😂


    1. I found MDZS by mistake looking for new anime to watch. Then after doing researching on it, I realized that I actually wanted to read the novel and manhua before watching the anime.

      Since I am loving this so much, I started reading Heaven Blessings. The author has to be some type of genius. Her stories are so complex and vast. I’ve also gotten into the fandom surrounding them. I tell you it’s like i’ve gone through the rabbit hole.

      Thanks for your post. It’s been quite enlightening.

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  19. This is very well-written but correction: this is not wang yibo’s first time acting, he was also a main lead in some dramas before the untamed so he has experience so he really did a great job portraying lwj. i think u keant xiao zhan, bcs this is his first time acting in big drama and being a main lead. he was also amazing thats why i love them both adn the other actors


  20. “If you’re planning to read the novel, absolutely leave the live action for last” Damn, I watch the live action first xD


  21. Hi!
    A friend recommended this novel to me. She is Chinese and is listening to the audio book there is but as I don’t speak/read/understand Chinese I was kinda sad and lost as to how to read the novel.
    I really appreciate the time you took to write these recommendations and I will no longer wait to start with the manhua and donghua right now! Thanks for the post!

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Late to the game myself, but Pinterest got me to look into this after recommending so many cosplays when I was looking at hanfu. This page helped me find all the information I needed for the things I wanted to know for this including the manhua. Thank you. I watched like 6 episodes of the donghua before I went to binge the novel in about a week…still tired from all that reading, but totally worth it. I was pleased with how the English translation was formatted as the translator’s notes made things easier to understand. Working on the manhua for now.


  23. Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you, I now know exactly where to start getting into this. You put the perfect amount of detail in and wrote it all perfectly. I wish there were posts like this for other works too! (If they, either I haven’t found them or they’re not later out nearly as well)
    Thank you again!


  24. Hello~ I just found this post of yours by looking up the Untamed, thank you for putting everything so nicely together. It makes me regret not watching past ep 3 back when the drama was released, and only discovered it’s based on a book last month…I haven’t finished the novel yet (CH30) but I think of nothing else these days!!! In just a few chapters I absolutely love WWX’s character, and remembering LWJ’s appearance in the drama, he reminds me so much of Thranduil from the Hobbit! Helppp, they’re all so gorgeous T____T

    I only wish I found this blog sooner, or that someone I knew told me about this incredible universe! I’m so so late but I immediately feel sad thinking of those who don’t know MDZS exists. I can’t wait to appreciate the drama with a different perspective, thank you for sharing your thoughts and excitement (it leaps off the page!) 🥰


  25. this blog post with the links helped me a lot too!thank you! I’m super late to the fandom! I just started with the liveaction and got hooked. I’ll check the other adaptions (need to finish the liveaction version first cause it’s so addictive xD). I guess we have to wait for years to get an official english novel translation 🙄a bit frustrating. or an english audiobook (I’m into audiobooks;). (or even a german version which would be my mother tongue, ha!😔) I think why it gets so popular (around the world?) is first the chemistry of the main actors in the liveaction version. the show is like a starting point for a non chinese-speaking audience. I’m familiar with anime and manga but I did not know about chinese-historical-fantasy dramas. with the untamed TV Show I get the same vibes like a I had with the x-files-scully-mulder-ship (yeh, I’m old). these deep friendship+love is so unique and gets everyone addicted. But the novel is the base for the bromance tension of the tv show. it’s kinda funny how they avoided the censorship by onyl showing a friendship/bromance but in the end we all know what’s behind those gazes😆 That’s why I’m looking forward to the novel (did I mention I’m old, I need more romantic and kisses😆).


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