Books I DNF’d in 2019

Hi everyone and welcome to the first post of 2020! Which is… still one of those wrap-up posts of 2019 because I got lazy during the holidays (and, to be fair, I was either chilling at my grandma’s with no internet or out with friends, so I don’t feel too bad about it).

I’ve been updating this post since the beginning of last year because I always tend to forget my DNF’s unless they’re really bad or there is something otherwise memorable about them. Note that not all my DNF’s have the same value or explanation and that I also not always rate them.

The Boneless Mercies by April Genevieve Tucholke – no review/rating, I tried listening to the audiobook but I really didn’t care about anything that was happening.

American Queen by Sierra Simone – no review/rating, I loved the writing and the audiobook made me fall into it right away, the characters sounded very interesting and the concept of the plot intrigued me immensely. Unfortunately one scene made me very very uncomfortable (MC is 16 and future LI is 26) and I couldn’t continue.

Definitely, Maybe, Yours by Lissa Reed – no rating, review here

Island of Broken Years by Jane Fletcher – no rating, review here and discussion post inspired by this book here

Bloodlust & Bonnets by Emily McGovern – no rating, review here

The Second Mango by Shira Glassman – no rating, review here

Reverb by Anna Zabo – no rating (but it would’ve been a positive one), review here. This is probably the first book that I had to DNF although I was loving it because it made me too anxious, the stalking element can be very triggering and I personally decide to take care of myself by asking friends how the book ended but not finishing it myself. I would still absolutely recommend this book and this series to lovers of the contemporary romance genre!

Villains Don’t Date Superheroes by Hayden Archer – no rating/review, I barely read one chapter and it read way too childish for my tastes (I’m not trying to be the adult reading YA and complaining that it’s YA, just saying for me it was not something I’m interested in). I think teens would like this though, it sounds like it’s fun and it’s sapphic!

Reverie by Ryan La Sala – no rating, review here

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Do you DNF books sometimes? What do you think about DNF’ing in general?

I hope everyone has an amazing 2020 filled with good books!

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