Favorite Posts // January 2020

favorite posts

In January I finally got back into blog hopping (I’m sorry I’ve been so bad at it lately with my blogging/reading slump) and that means I also got back into saving my favorite posts. I used to share them in my monthly wrap ups but I don’t know if I’m going to keep writing those, so I decided to dedicate a whole post for my personal recs of the month. I hope sharing this first month’s post will hold me accountable in the future and have me blog hop more often.

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Local Bee Hunter’s Little Nook

✍️ The guide to Spotify audiobooks: did you know you can listen to audiobooks on Spotify? My friend shares her experience with it with useful tips and recs.

✍️ Surviving Edelweiss: I find edelweiss so hard to navigate, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I admit I haven’t even had the patience to try out all of the stuff in this post yet (just the sight of edelweiss’ user interface makes me mad), but it has both “101” and more advanced tips so it’s useful for both beginners and older bloggers, and it’s really easy to follow.

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Two Book Thieves

✍️ This series of posts highlights upcoming LGBTQ+ releases and holy shit, it’s blown my mind because there are SO MANY. Your TBRs will thank you (or not).

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Reads Rainbow

✍️ Charlotte talks about some of the novellas she’s read on the tor.com website. Did you know there are a lot of free short stories/novellas on there? I am someone who gets anxious about starting shorter stories so I don’t always reach for them, but this post made me curious about so many of them. Plus, hey, they’re free and they count towards your reading goal.

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Naty’s Bookshelf 

✍️ Naty shares a lot of ideas for when you’re out of blogging juice and just don’t know what you’re supposed to write about. There’s so much on here that just reading it is going to make you want to start writing!

✍️ A “if you liked this, try that” post that pairs books to f/f books. I love this type of posts, even if I haven’t read the first book it still gives me an idea of the book that’s being recommended and I end up wanting to read it.

✍️ More f/f recommendations by Naty! Lots of different genres, lots of stuff I’ve read and I recommend too, and a few things I really need to get my hands on.

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Acquadimore Books

✍️ My friend Acqua talks about something I often think about: changing your mind about books you reviewed. I think we all have our own thoughts about this and something we do or don’t do about this particular phenomenon. In my indecisiveness about old reviews I usually just leave them as they are, trusting that people will read the date when they were written and understand that maybe I would word things differently now. Anyway, it was super interesting to see Acqua’s thought process in her post.

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Queer Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Database

✍️ Not a blog but I found this useful database and I thought I’d share it.


I hope nobody feels bad if they’re not included, it’s possible I haven’t seen your post or that I forgot to save the link, and your chance will certainly come in the future! Also, if you’ve written a post you’re particularly proud of, feel free to drop a link in the comments and I will check it out!

8 thoughts on “Favorite Posts // January 2020

  1. Oh thank you for putting this together, I’m going to look into the rest later.
    And I’m glad you liked my too-long post about bad past opinions! It was mostly prompted by the fact that while blog posts usually have a short life, my old goodreads reviews still get likes, somehow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome!
      Yes, people are still liking old reviews of mine and most of the time it’s fine but I’ve had a few where I physically cringed because I either remember the review being bad or I realize I barely recall reading the book sldhdk

      Liked by 1 person

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