ARC Review: Crystal Caged (Air Awakens: Vortex Chronicles #5) by Elise Kova

I was sent this book as an advanced copy for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own.


One way or another… she will be the end of the world.

With powers that weren’t supposed to be touched by mortal hands, Vi Solaris is determined to free herself and the world from the deadly vortex it’s trapped in. This mission has taken her to forbidden lands and has transformed her from a sheltered princess to a fearsome warrior.

But the ultimate triumph requires the ultimate sacrifice, forcing Vi to choose between the last tethers to her humanity and the very people she’s sworn to protect.

Vi’s story of magic, sacrifice, triumph, and love reaches its epic conclusion in Crystal Caged.

Release date: March, 14th

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This book was mostly fine, but I think it suffered a lot because of how it was structured. Potential spoilers below I guess?

The frequent time skips were its weakest point, starting from the fact that it starts a number of years after the end of the previous book. There were also months and years skipped here and there throughout the book and while I understand it was necessary it also made for a read that was hard to get invested into. I admit if it wasn’t for the fact that through it we got to see so many characters and events from Air Awakens my rating would be lower.

I made my peace very early in the series with the fact that I wasn’t invested in the romance and knew this final book wouldn’t change my mind about it. I did enjoy the friendships and the dialogues and interactions with old characters, even when they were painful (why did I have to experience [redacted] again???)

Overall I’m glad I read this series because it reminded of how much I loved Air Awakens, every book was an entertaining enough read but my reading tastes have changed too much since then and I can’t seem to get as emotionally invested as I was in that series.

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