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book tag

The lovely E. has tagged me in this tag and it looked like so much fun, thank you for tagging me! 💕

The Rules:

  • Answer the questions given to you by your nominator.
  • Make up your own questions and tag others.
  • Sounds easy, right? Well, let’s see…!

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Would you rather your favourite author never published another book again or published more books but you’re not allowed to read them?

I’m going to be selfish and say I’d rather them never write another book (even though I would be very sad).

Would you rather read only series or only standalones?

Standalones!!! I love series so much and there’s so much potential for growth and character development, but I’ve been gravitating towards standalones more and more and find that I wouldn’t want to go back to only reading series like I used to do.

Would you rather only read niche books or only read hyped books?

Mmh, tricky question since I feel like I mostly read niche books that are hyped by the little corner of the internet that I curated for myself? So I’m going to say niche.

Would you rather read only short books or read only long books?

URGHHHH this is hard. It’s gotta be long books because I crave that sweet slow burn and character development that you simply can’t have in shorter books, not to the same extent at least.

Would you rather know whether a book has a sad ending or have it surprise you?

Maybe without knowing the exact details of the ending but I’d rather know what I’m in for before I start.

Would you rather only read your one favourite genre or never read it again?

My favorite genre is fantasy and there’s so many different types of it that I’d be perfectly okay only reading that for the rest of my life.

Would you rather only read physical books or only read digital books?

HAH, I already only read digital books, so that!

Would you rather have a biography written about you in a flattering but inaccurate way or be it accurate but unflattering towards you?

Ohhhhhh. Flattering but inaccurate, obviously.

Would you rather live in a library but you can’t buy more books until you read them all or get one book of your choice each month?

Can I only read that one book for the whole month or is it just about getting one? In any case, one book of my choice >>> living in a library, sorry!

Would you rather have your favourite character become your best friend or lover?

OH MY GOD, I just had the worst cringe moment of my life trying to imagine my two/three favorite characters as my lovers, EWWW. One is a gay man, one is an immortal god with eyes only for his immortal ghost king husband, and the other one is a disaster bisexual who had to die and resuscitate and then be told by a third party before realizing his former classmate is in love with him. I want them all as my best friends and I cry all day every day because that’s not possible!

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My questions:

  1. Would you rather spend one day in your favorite fantasy world but never meet the main characters of the story OR meet the characters from your favorite fantasy book but in our world?
  2. Would you rather have a (friend) date with a villain you love or a protagonist you dislike?
  3. Would you rather have a massive book collection but they’re all paperbacks OR only have one small sized bookcase with only special editions of your favorite books?
  4. Would you rather meet your favorite author or your favorite fictional character?
  5. Would you rather have a mediocre TV adaptation of your favorite book or no adaptation at all?
  6. Would you rather never find another favorite book but read all four stars books OR find new favorites but all the rest are three stars and lower?
  7. Would you rather try out one fictional dish or listen to one fictional musical composition?
  8. Would you rather be cast as the protagonist of an hypothetical adaptation of your favorite book OR be the one to adapt it for TV?
  9. Would you rather make friends with a fictional pet or a fictional AI?
  10. Would you rather read a “good” but poorly written ending or a “bad” but well written ending?

I tag:

Acqua | Laura | Steffy | Holly | Ash

+ everyone who feels like it! just ping back to me so I can see your answers!

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20 thoughts on “Book tag: would you rather

  1. Ok but these questions are evil dkfjjk thanks for tagging me!
    (Also love how being an INTL reader grants you immunity from certain questions. No hard choices to make when it comes to alternatives to digital!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am easily intimidated by the thickness of long books but I can’t deny that with long books we can get more development in characters, slow burn romance, all that, and I wouldn’t want to miss it!

    Also, I’d choose to live in the library too! That’s one of my dream!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Definitely agree with never reading a book from favourite author again because my fave is Pacat and if I could never read her new stuff, there would be no point in my life lmao

    Thanks for tagging me bb 💕


  4. Omg your comment about wishing you could have your favourite characters as best friends hit my heart, because I feel that so bad. Sometimes I will be in a tricky situation and I will think about one of my favourite characters and how they handled a similar situation and then I have to be like “oh that’s right, they aren’t real” and it’s always THE WORST realisation hahaha.

    Thank you for the tag my love, I can’t wait to do this one xx


  5. I had so much fun reading your answers!! And, honestly, my answers would be at least 90% the same! 😀 It’s definitely more fun to be best friends with your fav characters than to try and romance them — especially if you know that would keep them from their soulmate! And?! I already want to be BBF with them so TT-TT

    Liked by 1 person

  6. oh i love this post 🥺 i might just do your questions because i’m running out of blog post ideas and what you came up with was so cute!! but yes to reading fantasy your entire life if you had to — there’s just so much range that the other genres don’t have 😎

    Liked by 1 person

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