My “Failed Readathon” Readathon signup + TBR

failed readathon

I know I literally just shared a summer TBR, but my friend Laura came up with an amazing readathon idea that’s all about the books we failed to read in previous readathons and since I was planning to read some of those books at some point anyway I thought I couldn’t not join!

The readathon runs for the whole month of August so that should be plenty of time to read at least one book, but I looked at two readathons I joined and I decided I will try to read four books I failed to read back then. I still want to count the readathon as a success even if I don’t end up reading all of them, though!

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• from FFFeb 2020: 

📚 Long Steady Distance by Helena Hill

📚 Deadline by Stephanie Ahn

• from Sapphicathon 2017: 

📚 Cinder Ella by S.T. Lynn

📚 Waiting on a Bright Moon by J.Y. Yang


Are you planning to join the readathon? I think you should! Which previous readathons have you failed? (don’t lie!!) 

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16 thoughts on “My “Failed Readathon” Readathon signup + TBR

  1. Waiting on a Bright Moon! It’s been so long since I read it (it was 2017 I think?) and… I loved it so much back then. I hope you like it too!
    [I don’t know if you already know them, but to be safe: TWs for homophobia and what I remember to a very graphic (at least fro 17-year-old me) sci-fi execution scene from an observer’s PoV]
    And I’m curious about Deadline, I’ve seen it on a lot of lists of sapphic books but I’m not sure I ever read a review of it.
    Good luck with your TBR!


    1. thank you so much for the TWs! I first wanted to read it when I did the too many short stories in too little time thing but then decided this was too long, I’m glad to have the excuse to try again. i will let you know if i like it!
      and….same about deadline? i don’t even remember what made me add it and buy it (oh, maybe it was free at some point? i be genoese like that sometimes fhsdkfs) but a few mutuals liked it and it’s sapphic, so!

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  2. I think I’ve only joined like one readathon? Or was it challenge? 😅 Anyway, good luck with your tbr and readathon!! I’ve been meaning to read one of J.Y. Yang’s works. I have Between The Firmaments on my tbr as of now.

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    1. thank you! 💕 i also want to read something else by the author after i’ve read this, the Tensorate series has been on my radar for a while although I know nothing about it (i just like the name tensorate for some reason fhdlfhsfs) so hopefully i’ll get to it at some point!

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    1. you’re welcome bb, it’s an awesome idea and i love that it runs the whole month (i can only join monthly readathons because shorter ones give me anxiety fdshklhs) 💕 💕 💕

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  3. Good luck on your readathon!! I have never done one before because I think it would just make me too anxious?? Also, I am a pretty slow reader so it wouldn’t even be a readathon for me lmao. Also, I have only just been made aware of Jy Yang, so I am going to try and read some of their books because they seem right up my alley!!

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    1. thank you love!! i also rarely join them and only ever if they’re one month long and/or i’m on vacation, but i always fail fdahfskhfsdhflsk
      ohhh yes all their stuff sounds really interesting, let me know if you read something by them before i do!

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