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I wasn’t tagged but I saw this tag a while ago and since I love audiobooks I thought this would be a lot of fun! I couldn’t trace back who the original creator of this tag unfortunately, if someone knows please let me know and I will link to them.

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Have you always listened to audiobooks or when did you begin?

norse mythology

I never even thought of trying and then I started in January 2018 and I haven’t stopped! My first audiobook was Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman and I think it was a perfect start to my audiobook listener career (can I make this a job? no? sad)

What is your favorite audiobook?

I don’t know if I can find a favorite since I’ve read so many, but books I feel that worked better for me in this format are the Murderbot novellas!

What is your least favorite thing about audiobooks?

It’s really hard sometimes to retain information, especially if you’re listening to fantasy and some details from the world building just get lost (also depending on your listening speed). And if you want to write reviews good lucky trying to spell names of people/places!

What do you think is the difference in experience between physically reading a book and listening to it?

For me personally the difference is that with audiobooks I can’t get distracted as long as I keep my hands busy (see next answer). I don’t read physical books but reading ebooks means I get very distracted and it takes me ages to actually decide to sit down and read, yes I have ADHD why do you ask? fhsdkhd

How and when do you listen?

I always listen while doing chores (cleaning/cooking) and if I’m out of chores but I want to keep listening I’ll play Two Dots on my phone or color a book just so my hands stay busy and don’t wander to my phone to distract me.

What style/genre do you prefer?

Not sure what’s meant with style but I love listening to fantasy or sci-fi, not necessarily because it works better there but because they’re genres I love but I simply can’t focus on them on normal uni days.

What are some audiobook/narrator recommendations?


I’ve tagged people in other tags somewhat recently and I don’t want to accidentally tag people who don’t read audiobooks so I’m not tagging anyone in particular, just do this if you feel like it and tag me back so I can see your answers!

12 thoughts on “Audiobook tag

    1. ahhh they’re a lot of fun if you find a way to fit them into your day! i get most of my reading done that way some parts of the year, i highly recommend trying! ♥

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    1. omg YAY i’ve been rec’ing into the drowning deep for ages and i’m looking forward to seeing what you think! ♥ a memory called empire might definitely not be for everyone and it might probably work better in a different format for someone else, but if you check it out (in any format fdhs) definitely let me know what you think 👀

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  1. The bit about retaining information is Spot. On. I love audiobooks but sometimes I’ll finish a book and realize I barely understood anything that happened, especially with adult SFF.


    1. same! the way i see it if i liked the book enough i will want to reread it in a different format and actually understand what went on, and if i’m satisfied at least i know i got Something out of the book, which is more than i would have if i had never read it at all fdhslfhsl (this is me with the Murderbot series: i couldn’t tell you what actually happens in any given book but i love it and plan to read them all in ebook eventually because the details are just too much to understand on audio!)

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      1. Yeessss exactly! I was the same way with All Systems Red. I listened to it on Scribd and it was fun and enjoyable, but I couldn’t tell you much of what happened besides sassy robot monologues and (I think) some sort of space planet monster at some point haha.

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