[spontaneous hiatus announcement!]

Hey friends!

Like you see in the title, I’ve spontaneously decided to take a short break from the blog. I’ve been doing three posts a week without a break since January. JANUARY. That’s The Before. I kept up my weekly schedule through lockdown, through adjusting to the online semester, through loneliness, through new interests, through exams, and through my vacation until now, even despite my numerous announcements that I’d reduce my schedule to one or two posts a week. That didn’t happen, and it’s fine, I post here because it’s fun and I had reviews and posts that I wanted to share.

But it’s Sunday evening, and I have less than two weeks left of my vacation, and I looked to next week’s empty blog schedule like, I have nothing to write. And thanks to some lovely friends on twitter who enabled me I decided this is going to be my break. No posts this week, and I have one or two pre-written posts that I should schedule for later this month but to be honest I just might stick to one post a week until the end of September. Or I might come back after only week hiatus. I truly don’t know but I know that I need and I deserve this break, and hopefully I’ll come back recharged. Maybe, who knows, during my hiatus I’ll work on some of the, let me check…. 36 (!!!) drafts I have. Some are just titles, some are just random ideas for the future, but many are half-written posts that I would actually like to publish at some point.

I don’t want to make it sound more dramatic than it really is, it’s just that I’m always afraid of losing momentum if I stop. Like the 70-days memrise streak I accidentally lost one day in July that meant I never opened the app again (or the ongoing 430 days Duolingo streak I’m absolutely terrified of losing). But I’ve taken more than one blog hiatus in these almost four (!!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) years and I’ve always come back so I’m not too scared, or at least not more scared than relieved about my decision to relax a bit.

So! I’m off to a few more chapters before bed, a good night’s sleep (hopefully…there should be a storm though, hopefully not too loud). And to (at least) one week of not worrying about the blog! I’ll still be active on my goodreads and my twitter (although, seriously, don’t follow my twitter if you’re only interested in my reading…all I do is write random shit and RT fanart of my many fandoms, and occasional cat pictures) but I might not reply to blog comments or blog hop (sorry, though definitely feel free to drop me a comment here and when I’m back I’ll check your blog for posts I might have missed).

Take care everyone and see you soon πŸ’•

3 thoughts on “[spontaneous hiatus announcement!]

  1. Take care, Silvia!! You deserve the break and it’s really nice to hear that you’re okay with being on hiatus. That’s great!! Oh yeah forgot that you might be checking this comment when you’re back πŸ˜…

    Okay, hello Silvia!! If you’re reading this when you’re now back with your blogging mojo… Welcome back!! How was your hiatus?? I hope you had a nice break and are now feeling all refreshed and ready for the blog and everything! I’m looking forward to those 36 drafts you have on your WordPress πŸ˜†


  2. Take your time to relax, Silvia!! I’m always afraid of losing momentum as well but it’s important to fit in the time for breaks no matter how much scary it seems ❀

    Will miss you!! See you back in some time ❀ ❀ ❀


  3. i’m proud of you for taking some time off, sweetheart. i love you and i miss you and i promise your moment will be back, but with healthier (and happier) feelings too! πŸ’•πŸ’•


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