October Wrap-Up

Hey everyone! October seemed to have simultaneously passed in a heartbeat and have lasted 348 years. How does time do that?? IRL, I spent my time getting used to my new house and settling into uni life again. Yes, I'm going to finish my studies after having to take some time away from it. That … Continue reading October Wrap-Up

September Wrap Up

Hey friends! I feel like every month I'm posting my monthly wrap-ups later and later, but the truth is this month I at least have an excuse for that! I found a small, sunny and cozy (and cheap) apartment that's like, everything I could have ever wished for. I was so lucky to find it … Continue reading September Wrap Up

May Wrap-Up

Welcome to my May wrap-up! I don't really know what to say about this month. I started an internship and a lot of things in my life changed. I moved a few days ago and I still haven't brought my few physical books with me to the new place (that's why I love ebooks). All … Continue reading May Wrap-Up

April Wrap-Up

If I thought that March felt long, BOY I should have waited to live through this April. Okay but talking about books only, at the beginning of April I was finally excited to read some of my ARCs after a full month of ARC ban. 6/14 of the books I've read this month are in … Continue reading April Wrap-Up