December and sapphicathon wrap-up

Welcome to this year's last wrap-up post! I'm also sharing my results for Sapphicathon (while mini reviews for the books I've read are coming next month). BOOKS So here's what I read in December: (The ones with 👭 are books I read for Sapphicathon) A Night at the Mall by M. Hollis Godsgrave (The Nevernight Chronicle #2) … Continue reading December and sapphicathon wrap-up

November Wrap-Up

READ Well, what a weird month reading-wise this has been for me! I think it's safe to say that I've been a little more relaxed with reading lately (in the past few months), but that was always because I was too busy. This month however, I totally feel like I was in a legit slump … Continue reading November Wrap-Up

October Wrap-Up

Another month has gone by and I hardly noticed. Actually, that's not true, because I went on a road trip to the US (California-Arizona-Utah-Nevada-California) for two weeks and it felt like I stayed there for a month, but then I came back and realized I only got two weeks of regular life this month and … Continue reading October Wrap-Up

April Wrap-Up

Late as always because I forgot that April has 30 days it's not true but it seems like a good excuse shhhhh So this is what I read this month: Minus The Summer Palace because I've actually re-read it today (May 1st). Here's a quick recap of the most interesting stuff with links to my goodreads reviews … Continue reading April Wrap-Up

March Wrap-up

BOOKS Here's everything I read in March. Seven "full" books, three mangas (that come in different volumes so they count as multiple books on GR *sigh*), three short stories, one webcomic, plus one DNF (Finnikin of the Rock). Honorable mentions are (links go to either GR or to my review if I've done one): A … Continue reading March Wrap-up

December Wrap-Up

Has really another month passed? It felt really short this time around. Oh well. BOOKS: (All titles lead to my reviews, either on goodreads or on the blog) Le cose così by Labadessa: this is a short graphic novel by an Italian artist who has become really popular on Facebook, posting his ironically philosophical comics whose main … Continue reading December Wrap-Up