Review policy


If you are an author or a publisher and you want to send me a review copy, please feel free to contact me about it at my email or on my Contact page.

Please specify the genres and age target of the book you’re willing to send me, as well as the major trigger warnings, and mention if the book is already out or not and whether it’s published traditionally or independently.

If I accept your review request and you send me a book, I’m taking for granted that you have read and accepted the terms of my review policy.

I am accepting books within these genres and age targets:

• fantasy
• contemporary
• poetry
• graphic novels

○ middle grade
○ young adult
○ new adult
○ adult

Also, please note that as of now I am only accepting requests for books where at least one of the main characters is on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, as that’s the focus of my blog.

All my reviews will be posted on my Goodreads page as well as on this blog. Please let me know if the review is time sensitive BEFORE you send me the book because this will help me decide if I am able to accept your request or not.

My reviews are 100% honest and that means that I will say if I didn’t like the book and why. I will especially point out content that I think is harmful or problematic.

I will not accept minimum or maximum limits for the length of my review. I also retain the right to not finish (DNF) the book you have sent me for whatever reason and at any point. The book will still get a review on goodreads but depending on how much I’ve read of it, it might not get a review on this blog.

I am as of now only able to accept digital copies (my preferred format is .mobi), and you can send me both ARCs and finished products.

If you send me a review request I will get back to you as soon as I can whether I intend to accept the request or not, unless it’s clear from your request that you haven’t bothered reading this policy page, then I will ignore.