ARC Mini-Review: Come to the Rocks by Christin Haws

I was sent this book as an advanced copy by the publisher via NetGalley for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own. 
SummaryLinnea’s only safe place is a spot on the rocky shoreline where the water can be rather vicious. It’s here where she meets, and falls in love with, a mermaid named Mren. As their romance blossoms, the escalating harassment from Linnea’s ex-boyfriend Mikey threatens the secret relationship. Mren has vowed to protect Linnea, but she’s confined to the water and Mikey is a land monster. Meanwhile, Linnea will do anything to keep Mren safe from him.


book review - pink


This was an empowering short thriller featuring an f/f romance between a fat bisexual girl and a mermaid.

You shouldn’t go into it expecting it to be a fluffy romance. That’s only part of it, but there’s massive trigger warningsfor abuse, stalker ex boyfriend, violence, victim blaming (not condoned), gaslighting.

I had to put the book down for a bit because I hadn’t exactly read the blurb or other reviews (my own fault) and I wasn’t ready for all that. When I came back to the book I knew what I would face and I found it to be very well written and well developed for such a short story, plus there’s something about a mermaid/human f/f story that always appeals to me.

I definitely recommend it (just make sure you’re okay with the trigger warnings first) and it made me want to check out the author’s other works.

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