Favorite Posts // March 2020

favorite posts

Welcome back to the series where I share my favorite posts I found on my wordpress feed in the past month!

This post is a little late both because I had a lot of stuff scheduled for the first half of April and because I’ve been too lazy to sit here and make it look like something presentable instead of the link dump it was before. Also, while March seemed infinite, April is flying by so fast and I have no idea why, so I almost didn’t notice we were so late into the next month!

In any case, I hope you all enjoy this and find new blogs to follow and give these creators some love.


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Reads Rainbow

✍️ Anna compiled a list of books coming out in the first half of this year with bi (and pan) protagonists

✍️ Just for this month, here’s another massive list of April queer releases

✍️ I’m personally always really happy to find new (or new to me) queer artists in every field, so I loved this post (part of an ongoing series of recommendations) with LGBT+ music recs


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Local Bee Hunter’s Nook

✍️  We all like to write different types of reviews and E. rounds up different reviewing styles. Maybe you can find one you want to try for your next review!

✍️ For those of us who like to read about romances in books, here’s a round up of different ship dynamics and what makes them good (and this post is also a good resource for finding your next favorite OTP)!

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Anniek’s Library

✍️ I think we’re all in need of something fluffy right now, and Anniek gives a list with so many comfort reads for your self-isolation pleasure

✍️ Anniek also has you covered if you’re looking for books with trans rep

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Brin’s Book Bloog

✍️ Brin wrote a lovely review of The Untamed, the live action show from the book that stole my heart last year and hasn’t given it back yet and never will (find more about MDZS in my guide)

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Bookish Wanderess

✍️ Sofia gives us a list of books with fat representation

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Reading Through Infinity

✍️ If you need even more comfort reads, Kate shared her recommendations for uplifting stories

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The Book Corps

✍️ I love 5 stars prediction posts and Laura gave us hers. I loved this post because I’ve read only three of the books she mentioned, and they were all 5 stars for me!

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Acquadimore Books

✍️ Acqua talks about some of the short fiction she’s been reading recently


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Novels & Waffles

✍️  Kat shows us that you can take beautiful bookstagram pictures even if you don’t own physical copies!


I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. And please make sure to check out all these blogs and follow them! Feel free to drop your own favorite posts from March, whether it’s your own or other fellow bloggers’!

11 thoughts on “Favorite Posts // March 2020

  1. I agree about what you said about queer artists across media, it’s something I’m trying to work on this year as well (…even though I know approximately zero about anything non-bookish of course).
    And thank you for linking my post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. same, and a lot of the time it’s hard like with movies or tv shows to know if you’re really supporting queer people (i mean, there’s so many people involved and some will be queer, but it’s not the same).
      you’re welcome!

      Liked by 1 person

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